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Current Projects & Events
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Current Projects & Events

Below is a list of upcoming events sponsored by the ACHT. For questions pertaining to the events, please feel free to contact us.


Current Projects

Adirondack Partnership’s Adirondack Economic Development Strategies Project:
The Adirondack Economic Development Strategies Project is an effort by a range of organizations to identify the best opportunities for economic development in the Park. The Adirondack Community Housing Trust serves as administrator for this project on behalf of Hamilton County and the Adirondack Partnership. For more information, as well as the findings, please see the website

Dart Brook Housing Community: This project is the product of years of diligent work by the voluntary group, Keene Community Housing Committee. It is a six lot subdivision located off of Route 9N and 73 in the Town of Keene. The homes will be built to US-EPA Energy Star Certified rating standards. The target income levels to purchase these homes will be moderate income households. The project is slated to begin in this spring.

Hamlets 3: The Hamlets 3 project is an initiative through the Adirondack Community Housing Trust to create opportunities for economic development and physical improvement of the Adirondack region through smart expansion.

Applications for these developments are currently being accepted.